Iceland’s Cannabis Scene

Marijuana is illegal in Iceland. The usage, control, transport, cultivation, and purchase of marijuana – even yet in lower amounts – could secure offenders in jail. While cannabis control is not strictly enforced, first-time offenders will face fines that are heavy.

The penalties rely on the total amount of cannabis an offender is caught in control of. First-time offenders in control of no more than one gram of cannabis will be asked to spend 35,000 kroner. Control of significantly more than .5 kg of cannabis, having said that, will secure an offender at the very least three months in jail.

Transport of cannabis into Iceland normally strictly forbidden and custom officials are vigilant about checking tourists’ suitcases for unlawful substances brought to the nation. Tourists caught bringing cannabis into Iceland will face months of imprisonment, as well as years, if A amount that is large of substance is included.

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Not surprisingly, but, the United Nations’ 2014 World Drug Report named Iceland as obtaining the largest per capita populace of cannabis smokers in the entire world. To become more particular, 18.3% of Icelanders from many years 15 to 65 smoke weed.