Service Rates

If you’re looking for a quality eye brow treatment salon with professionally trained stylists and affordable prices, iBrow Studio is the choice for you, as you can be confident you’ll get the look you want.

NEW iBrowStudio 2022 Service Rates Pricing

Threading Services

For all types of threading services.

Brow threading$15.00
Lower eyelid threading$6.00
Upper lip / lower lip threading$8.00
Upper lip + lower lip threading$12.00
Forehead threading$12.00
Sideburns / Jawline threading$12.00
Chin threading$10.00
Cheeks threading$8.00
Finger / Hand threading$8.00
Ears lobes threading$15.00
Nose threading$10.00
Neck front / back threading$15.00
Full face threading incl brow$38.00
Full face threading without brow$33.00

Waxing with strips

Easiest and convenient hair removal technique.

Lower back$20.00 - $30.00
Chest waxing$38.00 - $48.00
Buttocks waxing$35.00 - $48.00
Abdomen waxing$30.00 - $40.00
Full back$50.00 - $80.00
1/2 arm (upper)$35.00 - $45.00
1/2 arm (lower)$28.00 - $38.00
1/2 leg (upper)$30.00 - $48.00
1/2 leg (lower)$48.00 - $58.00
Full leg$88.00
Under Arm$20.00 - $30.00
Full Arm$48.00 - $58.00

Semi- permanent

Semi- permanent Services.

Misty brow$698.00
3D Creative$798.00
Gradient mist$998.00
Signature iBrow$1288.00
Invisible eyelash upper / lower$398.00
Invisible eyelash upper + lower$688.00
Lips enhancement$1388.00
Lips line$398.00

Other Services

Other Services

ibrow threading + ibrow tint$36.00
ibrow waxing + tint$40.00

EPL Course

EPL Course Services

EPL Armpit Whitening x 5 Times$328.00
EPL Upper Lip x 5 Times$280.00
EPL Lower Lip x 5 Times$280.00
EPL Upper Lip + Lower Lip x 5 Times$398.00
EPL Chin x 5 Times$328.00
EPL Forehead x 5 Times$338.00
EPL Basic Bikini Line x 5 Times$368.00
EPL High Low Bikini Line x 5 Times$398.00
EPL Brazilian x 5 Times$568.00

Waxing Services

All of Waxing Treatment services.

Upper lip / lower lip waxing$12.00
Upper lip + lower lip waxing$20.00
Forehead waxing$15.00
Sideburns / jawline waxing$13.00
Chin waxing$15.00
Cheeks waxing$12.00
Finger / hand waxing$10.00
Ears lobes waxing$17.00
Nose waxing$15.00
Neck front / back waxing$20.00
Full face waxing including ibrow$60.00
Full face waxing without ibrow$50.00

Definitive Waxing Services

The perfect solution to a smoother skin

Feets + toes$25.00
Nipple waxing$20.00
Bikini waxing$30.00
Hi-lo bikini waxing$50.00
Full monte Brazilian waxing$88.00
Crack Waxing$28.00 - $38.00
Butt & Crack Waxing$50.00 - $70.00

Opt permanent hair remove

Opt permanent hair remove services

Upper lip$98.00 (1st Time: $38.00)
Lower lip$98.00 (1st Time: $28.00)
Upper + lower lips$108.00 (1st Time: $38.00)
Forehead$118.00 (1st Time: $68.00)
Chin$108.00 (1st Time: $58.00)
Sideburn$158.00 (1st Time: $58.00)
Bikini$138.00 (1st Time: $68.00)
Hi – lo bikini$128.00 (1st Time: $88.00)
Full Monte Brazilian$158.00 (1st Time: $98.00)
1/2 arm / leg top / lower$180.00
Full arm$258.00
Full leg$280.00

Touch up Services

Touch up Services.

Misty brow$230.00
3D Creative$280.00
Gradient mist$320.00
Invisible eyeliner upper / lower$250.00
Lips enhancement$580.00

Terms and Condition

1.Prices for Touch Up and Maintenance Services Are Only Exclusive for our Semi Permanent Package Members.

2.Package & goods sold are non-refundable. (Please check your purchase (s) carefully before leaving)

3.Customers are not allowed to change service during their course.