Service Rates

If you’re looking for a quality eye brow treatment salon with professionally trained stylists and affordable prices, iBrow Studio is the choice for you, as you can be confident you’ll get the look you want.

Shaping / Threading / Color Tweak

For all shaping, threading and colouring services.

Upper / Lower Lip$5.00
Upper + Lower Lip$8.00
Finger / Forehead / Chin / Cheeks$7.00
Classic Brow Threading / Tweeze$12.00
Classic Face Threading Without Brow$22.00
Classic Face Threading Include Brow$33.00
Eyelash / Brow Colour Tweak$30.00
Threading / Tweeze + Colour Tweak Brow$36.00

Eyeliner Define

All of eyeliner define services.

Invisible Upper + Lower Incl: 1 Touch Up$600.00

Lips Enhancement

All of Lips Enhancement Treatment services.

Natural Lustrous Lips Incl: 1 Touch Up $1,280.00

Lips Enhancement

All of Lips Enhancement Treatment services.

Natural Lustrous Lips Incl: 1 Touch Up$1,280.00


All of Eyelash Treatment services.

Single + Cluster$98.00
Strand by Strand$128.00


All of Waxing Treatment services.

Finger / Toes / Hand$10.00
Upper Lip + Lower Lip + Chin$25.00
Upper + Lower Lip$16.00
Upper / Lower Lip$10.00
Cheek / Jaw Line / Neck / Under Arm$20.00
Waxing Full Face Without Eyebrow$50.00
Waxing Full Face With Eyebrow$60.00
Basic Bikini Line$30.00
High Low Bikini Line$50.00
Chest Waxing$40.00
Back Waxing$50.00
Back & Shoulder Waxing$60.00
Tummy Waxing$30.00
Brazilian Waxing$88.00
Brizilian All Waxing$108.00
Half Arm / Buttocks$30.00
Half Leg Top / Half Leg Bottom / Full Arm$48.00
Full Leg$88.00

Brow Embroidery

Get your brows beautifully and perfectly done.

Misty Brow Incl: 1 Touch Up + Recover Cream$580.00
3D Creative Incl: 1 Touch Up + Recover Cream$680.00
Natural Floating Incl: 1 Touch Up + Recover Cream $980.00
Korean Exquisite Nude Brow Incl: 1 Touch Up+ Recover Cream$1,280.00
Hair Line Incl: 1 Touch Up$980.00

Touch Up: Maintenance - For all Eyebrow / Eyeliner / Lips services.

** Maintenance after 2 years pay Original Price 50%

Misty Brow$180.00
3D Creative$200.00
Natural Floating$250.00
Korean Exquisite Nude Brow$350.00
Invisible Upper / Lower$200.00
Lip Line$200.00
Full Lips$380.00

Eyelash Touch Up

All of Eyelash Touch Up Treatment services.

Single + Cluster$30.00
Strand by Strand$40.00
Lash Remove$20.00


All of EPL Treatment services.

Armpit Whitening$108.001st: $38.00
Upper Lip$98.001st: $28.00
Lower Lip$98.001st: $28.00
Upper + Lower Lips$128.001st: $48.00
Chin$128.001st: $58.00
Forehead$128.001st: $58.00
Basic Bikini Line$138.001st: $68.00
High Low Bikini Line$158.001st: $88.00
Brazilian$188.001st: $108.00
Sideburn / Half Arm / Half Leg Top / Half Leg Bottom$180.00
Full Leg$280.00

Terms and Condition

1.Prices for Touch Up and Maintenance Services Are Only Exclusive for our Semi Permanent Package Members.

2.Package & goods sold are non-refundable. (Please check your purchase (s) carefully before leaving)

3.Customers are not allowed to change service during their course.