Lips Enhancement


Do you have these conditions, affecting your smile and confidence level, drowning in despair?

Thin and uneven lips
Irregular lips
Droopy lips resulting from ageing effects

Well, fret and frown no further. At iBrow Studio, our team of certified specialists utilize a specialized treatment called, “Lip Enhancement” to eradicate and restore such nature imperfection.

“Lip Enhancement”, also known as “Lip Augmentation” is a completely safe and painless beauty cosmetic treatment to address the natural ageing effect, restoring the lips to look fuller, pulpier and more radiant, whilst restoring one’s self-confidence and redefine a person’s beauty.

Whatever your goal is, lip enhancement treatment provides the definitive solution to all your lips woes and rejuvenating your youthful personality.

Tempting to have this “almost perfect” facial feature? Why not visit us today at any of our conveniently located outlet and consult any of our professionals to acquire the perfect facial feature you always endeavoured?

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