If you are a parent of any child by using Asperger’s Situation, ADD/ADHD, or even Learning Differences, you know the IEP together with 504 exercise. But what if your child goes to college? How can you navigate through the school world even while ensuring the child gets the exact same attention as well as consideration to ensure?

Introducing D. My partner and i. Scussions℠, a number of00 webinars as well as online finding out sessions displayed by Debra I. Schafer, CEO, Education and learning Navigation, LLC and Extraordinary Education Advisor.

High school school is getting close to and so would be the end of this child’s IEP and/or 504. With this adaptation comes the beginning of navigating in the world of college, requiring fresh learning plus new ways of ensuring your son or daughter’s success.

Enroll in her with this free 30-minute ‘mini-webinar’ for helping prepare you along with your soon-to-be university freshman to the world of faculty. Accommodations, spanish requirements, as well as support tools… just a few of typically the topics we discuss.

Reaching out this motorola milestone has needed many eschew and you with your child currently have reasons to possibly be proud. Simply because our manner of acknowledging your labour, one web seminar attendee might be awarded (through a randomly drawing) two $25 gift certificates … a person for you — Mom or even Dad — to treat yourself to something distinctive at Starbucks, and the different for your child to support purchase higher education supplies.